Work with us

Join the I-TeleRAD team and discover the benefits of flexible working hours and varied case load. You can choose to work full time, part time or casual hours, with very competitive renumeration.

Work with us

Join the I-TeleRAD team and discover the benefits of flexible working hours and varied case load. You can choose to work full time, part time or casual hours, with very competitive renumeration.

Why work for us?


Flexible working hours

Working with I-TeleRAD gives you the opportunity to enjoy flexible working hours on weekdays, evenings or weekends. Roster requests are handled individually, so you can choose to work as often or as infrequently as you wish. Many of our radiologists work for us full time, while other choose part time or casual hours, starting from as little as 4 hours a week.


Interesting case load

I-TeleRAD reports for more than 160 hospitals around Australia, assisting them with emergency and acute radiology. As well, there is a constant flow of routine and overflow reporting, second opinions on complex cases and sub-specialist work. The importance of the work we do is reflected in the demand for our services from hospitals around the country.


Work-life balance

Working with I-TeleRAD gives you the opportunity to reorganise your life to suit you. Whether you are trying to balance the demands of a young family, or find time for further study or a hobby outside work, working remotely with I-TeleRAD could be just what you’re looking for. While our head office is in Melbourne, where we have a large reporting centre running 24/7, we can set you up with a diagnostic work station at home.

Excellent conditions

I-TeleRAD’s remuneration model is sessional based rather than fee-per-case, encouraging a collegiate reporting environment focussed on excellence. Our dedicated team of administration and IT staff are on hand to support our radiologists and ensure they can concentrate on reporting. For radiologists keen to travel there is the opportunity to report from our UK node.

Collegiate community

When you join I-TeleRAD, you will be welcomed into a community of radiologists who hail from all over Australia, with all sorts of sub-specialist skills and training. With our sophisticated communication software, you are connected with your colleagues and with the wider team at I-TeleRAD and I-MED Radiology Network. 

Patient care

As Australia’s largest teleradiology business, I-TeleRAD provides an essential service to both private and public medical facilities across Australia. Every day and night, 365 days a year, I-TeleRAD radiologists enable specialists, doctors and health professionals to prescribe a correct course of treatment more quickly, supporting better health outcomes for patients.

Why I like working at I-TeleRAD

Dr Jeremy Frank


“So much of the healthcare process is just done for the sake of doing so, just to tick the box, to prove a point, or for appearances, or for numerous other purposes which are extraneous to the actual healthcare of the patient.

“Emergency radiology is different, and that's why I've chosen it. When we get the scan, at I-TeleRAD, in the middle of the night, the patient is sometimes still on the scanner table, or still in the Emergency Dept. They are the sickest, most acutely unwell or critically injured people in the hospital, about whom the diagnosis is still undefined or unknown. Their whole pathway through the diagnostic and therapeutic process depends on that initial assessment, and we get to make that call! 

“We get to review the imaging then and there, make our observations and conclusions, gather our impressions into a clear and coherent report, and to communicate this immediately to our remote colleagues, who then act on that direction we have set, and who have the responsibility to take care of these sick people. It's a very empowering and humbling responsibility, which we're privileged to have.

“In emergency radiology, and at I-TeleRAD, we get to steer the whole ship, or at least to set its initial course, and to make the world of difference to someone in acute need, far away. Even if we can't see them, and will never get to know them, we get to make a difference in the lives of these sick people, and I love that.”

Get in touch

We employ the best staff from all across the globe who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.

If you are interested in working for I-TeleRAD please contact:

Krishna Saward

Operations Manager+61 409 257 325